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Video Marketing - The Most Powerful Way To Drive Traffic

Video marketing is the future of online product and service promotion. Predictions show that by 2017, 70% of all website traffic ill come from video. Video marketing has many advantages, its easy to consume on mobile devices, you can convey your story very quickly, its easy to share across social media channels and most importantly video is great for SEO. Video helps you outrank your competitors in the search engines. Watch our video to see how our video marketing production service works..


Our Video Marketing and Production Process

At Viracode we are experts in online video marketing. We follow a 4 step process to design, produce, deliver and distribute your brand videos across the web.


We identify your target audience and goals then write a compelling script with a CTA.


We build a graphic representation of your video story.

Audio and Video

Next we add video and audio to complete your story


Finally we distribute your video to multiple video sharing sites to increase exposure, improve website SEO and increase your traffic.

Video Marketing - Our Video Marketing Process

Video marketing tells your brands story in a convenient, easily consumable form. We help you design and develop powerful video explainers and advertisements to promote your brand. products and services. Watch our video to see exactly what we do and how video marketing can start working for your today. Then scroll down the page to download our free video marketing planning template. Video works so start today.

How To Plan Your Video

Planning your video story and your overall video marketing strategy is important. At Viracode we aim to help you develop the best possible marketing videos. Click the link below to download our step-by-step marketing video planner. In this guide we tell you everything you need to do to start getting top ranking and highly viewed videos.


Video Marketing Improves Your SEO Rankings

Video marketing gets you noticed in more ways than one. Google loves videos and ranks them high in their search.

Get higher search engine rankings

Use your YouTube desription to create powerful backlinks

Use video CTA's to drive more website traffic

Dominate your market with powerful video marketing messages



Read what our clients have to say about our video marketing and digital marketing services. Get inbound today and start growing your business online

Kerstin Lembke
Digital Marketing Officer at Gold Corporation - The Perth Mint

Chris is very knowledgable in online marketing. He knows how to leverage social media such as Facebook for small businesses and also SEO - how to rank highly at search engines. I appreciate that he shares his knowledge at monthly Meetups, establishing a vital community in the online marketing field in Perth.

Kylie Dalton
CEO Absolute Edge Media Pty Ltd

Chris Hopkins has been in the digital and social media arena for many years. It was his valuable knowledge in social marketing that really got us going. He is extremely passionate about finding ways to deliver highly targeted and business related content formulated to each clients needs.

Paul Barden
General Manager at Websiteblitz Web Design

I have been in the Website Design and online marketing business for over 20 years. Chris and I worked together on some very successful inbound social media marketing projects. These projects also required presenting large scale training presentations to staff. I would recommend any company looking to advance themselves in this area of expertise to talk to Chris. His knowledge is exceptional and he is one of the most comprehensive and exciting presenters I have seen.

Video Production And Video Marketing Pricing

Video marketing is the most powerful way to reach your audience. We work with you to plan, storyboard, develop and distribute your digital marketing videos.

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